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Thank you for coming to Veryone Technology ! Guang Dong Veryone Technology Co.,Ltd. located in Boluo Shiwan Science and Technology Industrial Park, Huizhou, Guangdong, specializing in thermoplastic elastomer TPE/ TPR/ TPU/ TPV/ TPEE/ TPO/ SBS/ SEBS, as well as the innovative research and development, production and sales of biodegradable materials such as PLA/ PBAT/ PBS/ PHA and other series of materials.

The factory covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, has 10 automatic production lines, a design capacity of 1200-1500 tons/month, a professional R&D team, a strict production management system, a refined quality process, a complete set of standardized laboratories and sophisticated testing instruments.

Guangdong Veryone has endless innovation, high crystallinity and effective cycle saving, silicone-like skin-friendly touch, special O/M with nylon, POM, PBT and other characteristic TPE elastomer solutions are well recognized and applied by the market.
PLA, a biodegradable material, originated from nature and returned to nature. It is widely used in consumer goods, packaging materials and other fields. It has good toughness, excellent high temperature resistance and bending resistance. It can be used for injection molding, blow molding, calendaring and other traditional processing methods.

VERYONE people always adhere to the small and beautiful belief, and persistently provide customers with the best product innovation solutions.
Leading by innovation, the people of VERYONE always adhere to the sustainable development strategy. Our footsteps have always been from the beginning to the end, and we have been transforming and innovating, for our common home and the next generation.

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