Heat discoloration TPE

Our unique design, through the special compounding process, makes the molded products reflect different colors at different temperatures, which plays a role in safety, warning and novelty.
Application case: In the children's drinking cup or feeding spoon, the heat discoloration TPE (can be matched with bright colors) is designed in the cup part or the scoop head part which adhered to the PP, and the formed product has a clear level also looks good, at the same time, you can observe the color change, judge the temperature of the beverage or food so as to avoid burns.
Application case: The water cup anti-slip sleeve made of TPE is designed in the hand grip of the cup. When the hot water passes through the wall of the cup to transmit high temperature, the cup sleeve made of TPE can change the temperature and tell the user to prevent burns.
Application case: On the writing pen holder, a hand-held pen holder made of TPE is assembled, and the human touch temperature can make the TPE pen set discolored, making the writing pen more fun.

Application case

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