Over moulding PCTG TPE

The PCTG application has largely replaced the polycarbonate PC material used in the past for food grade requirements. Since PCTG does not have the high temperature resistance of PC,  when TPE is injection molded with PCTG at the high temperature,the surface of the piece can easily burn the surface of the PCTG product, resulting in a high defect rate of the rubberized article. In response to this problem, the new TPE material we developed has high flowability and can be easily injection molded from the needle point into the gate with only 150-180 °C. The contact temperature with the PCTG parts does not exceed 100 °C,  reducing the burnt of transparency products effectively, thereby reducing the defect rate of the product. Our TPE also has strong color fastness. When producing various color-coated PCTG products, it will not cause color change or migration due to UV yellowing.

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