Imitation of silica gel TPE

Silicone rubber, which has a spiral molecular configuration, has a small intermolecular force, and thus has good resilience, while the formaldehyde group pointing out of the spiral can be freely rotated, thereby giving silicone rubber a unique surface property -  water repellency, dry surface effect; but silicone rubber products require vulcanization, which has problems such as low production efficiency and the inability to recycle scraps. While compounding TPE, the siloxane is inserted into a special process, and the final product has a high resilience, water repellency, dry surface effect, and at the same time has good processability, and can be injection molded or extruded without vulcanization. TPE with silicone feel and elasticity, can be widely used in stationery, daily necessities and other fields, such as pen sets, cup jackets and so on.

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